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Future Warfare | Defense & Geopolitical Intelligence Network Geopolitical Risk Indicator 

The Future Warfare | Defense & Geopolitical Intelligence Network Geopolitical Risk Indicator (GRI) aims to capture overall market attention to geopolitical risks, and market movements, based on international/geopolitical crises.

In cooperation with our AI Geopolitical Analysis Assistant, we have developed a market movement score for each risk, which quantifies the extent to which asset price movements align with our risk scenarios. This assessment incorporates insights from our Risk & Quantitative Analysis team and their Market-Driven Scenario shocks. By evaluating the current market environment’s similarity to our projected scenario under a specific Market-Driven Scenario, as well as the magnitude of market movements, we aim to discern how closely actual asset movements mirror our expectations.

Country Intelligence Reports, Insight & Analysis

Future Warfare Defense & Geopolitical Intelligence Network offers unparalleled, verified open-source defense intelligence to provide comprehensive insights into a country’s defense posture and resilience. We are providing weekly monitoring of geopolitical shifts based on our clients interest. Our expertise ensures a deep understanding of the multifaceted aspects that shape a nation’s strategic environment.

Political Insight

Gain a nuanced perspective of the political landscape of nations around the globe. Our analysis covers the intricacies of political structures, decision-making processes, and the potential risks arising from election violence, corruption, the influence of non-state armed groups (NSAGs), and the dynamics of military-civil relations. We provide you with the knowledge needed to navigate and understand the complexities of a country’s political environment effectively.

Military Insights

Our detailed assessments offer a granular look at military capabilities across countries, encompassing current deployments, operations, and an extensive inventory of service equipment. We classify military units by service, status, echelon, domain, and role, providing links to parent and subordinate units, installations, and associated equipment, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of a nation’s military strength and strategic posture.

Geopolitical Environment

Delve into the economic frameworks that underpin national security and defense strategies. We explore defense budgets, natural resource endowments, and the structures governing economic decision-making. Our reports identify key risks related to economic growth, inflation, unemployment, national debt, and currency stability, offering a holistic view of a country’s economic resilience and challenges.

Information & Cyber Intelligence

Explore the intricate web of a nation’s information landscape, from media environments and cyber capabilities to intelligence mechanisms. We assess the risks tied to cyber warfare, the spread of militant propaganda, and the pivotal role of social media in shaping public opinion, protests, and riots. Our insights equip you with the knowledge to understand and anticipate the implications of information warfare and cyber threats.

At Future Warfare Defense & Geopolitical Intelligence Network, we are committed to offering our clients the most accurate and actionable intelligence, empowering you to make informed decisions in an increasingly complex global security environment